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 Changing the way we do business

For VSL, sustainable development means striking a balance between the economic profitability of its businesses and their social and environmental impacts. This commitment has been formalised into the VSL SD programme.

Our promise

  • Reduced concrete volumes
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2)

VSL Post-tensioning reduces CO2 emissions by up to 27%

The use of VSL Post-tensioning delivers the maximum cost-benefit for a project as well as having a beneficial impact on its sustainability and CO2 emissions during construction. Compared with conventional reinforced concrete slabs, the use for post-tensioning results in more durable structures with reduced concrete volumes, lowering the CO2 emissions by up to 27%.


Lawrence Hargreave Bridge, Australia:
An Incremental Launch method & Form Traveller in an extremely aggressive environment.


Waiwera Viaduct, New Zealand:
Launching gantries for deck erection above the forest.


VSL carefully selects all material and components to meet the highest durability criteria. This helps reduce the environmental impact of the works, by ensuring they stand the test of time and do not require maintenance or replacement, preventing further energy use and waste.