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A Versatile System for Retaining Wall Construction

VSoL® is VSL's own proprietary Retained Earth wall system, an innovative, attractive and cost effective product which is on display in many locations in both Australia and overseas.

The system involves using concrete facing panels constructed in a wall, which are then connected to soil reinforcement mesh or polyester ties. The area behind the wall is then filled with compacted backfill. The result is a stable reinforced soil block, suitable for bridge abutments, approach ramps and general retaining walls.

VSoL® is exceptionally quick to install, leading to significant savings in time and costs over conventional wall systems. Cost savings of up to 50% are regularly realised when compared with traditional retained earth systems.

The system also offers aesthetic advantages, with the shape and design of wall panels limited only by a client's imagination. They can be made in any colour and because they are cast from custom built moulds, can feature attractive designs and patterns.

VSL offers complete design, supply and installation services to produce the finished product