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Key Projects:

High Performance Industrial Flooring

Conventional industrial concrete floors have many drawbacks. They are slow and costly to construct and can be worn away by heavy traffic, such as forklifts and trucks. They can also be subject to abrasions from heavy cargo. Such slabs suffer from frequent joints and comparatively weak reinforcement systems.

A Post tensioned Slab on Grade overcomes these problems. Depending on its dimensions, it will have very few or no joints at all, meaning it is less prone to cracking or damage. Because it is thinner and lighter, its construction cycle is much shorter, saving clients time and money.

It also offers real performance benefits, as a single continuous space is much more flexible for industrial operations. Vehicles enjoy a much smoother ride across the surface, meaning lower maintenance costs for the client and a safer working environment. The slab will also have a much longer lifespan than a conventional one. Warehouses, freight centres, airports, civil buildings and tennis courts are all common applications.

VSL offers complete design, supply, installation and stressing services to produce the finished product.