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Repair and Strengthening

The need to maintain and ensure the ongoing service performance of structural assets is a legal obligation and financial necessity for their owners and managers.  Structural repair and strengthening may arise from many factors including deterioration, changes in use, alterations in the relevant design codes, presence of structural defects, chemical and or changes in the natural environment e.g. seismic, climate and geological conditions. VSL packages the latest technologies and materials in to innovative strategies to reliably restore, improve durability, capacity and serviceability to bridges, buildings, and other critical structural assets.

Cost effective solutions for the rehabilitation, protection and or strengthening of structures is based on quality processes starting from investigation through to design, delivery and execution. Using the right product and techniques for the right application. Through our wide range of construction, engineering services and systems, VSL brings a turn-key specialist service to engineers, contractors, consultants and asset owners. VSL will inspect and evaluate all civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial assets to determine present condition and potential restoration methodologies to return them to full current and or future service performance expectations. Our capability extends to the project management for the rehabilitation work as an all-encompassing service to our clients.


Concrete Repair

Concrete structures are invariably subject to damage and degradation over time, whether it is a result of the surrounding environment, chemical and or accidental impact or overloading. Maintaining and maximising the “working life span” of these assets in optimum performance is critical for asset owners and managers. There are many remediation solutions, applications and techniques ranging in cost and suitability to restore structural integrity, aesthetics, and or improve durability, capacity and serviceability through additional retrofit and strengthening measures. 

VSL provides turn-key solutions for the repair of concrete structures including buildings, bridges, containment structures, carpark and marine infrastructure such as piers and wharfs. As one of the world’s leading post tensioning specialists we bring the latest and best in technical knowledge with engineered materials and products, global experience and pragmatic solutions to asset rehabilitation. In doing so we can deliver cost effective concrete repair solutions which are tailored to our client's needs, programmes and budgets. 


VSL offers a comprehensive range of patch repair solutions depending upon application (patch size, orientation i.e. vertical or overhead, site conditions and environment. These products can be wet/dry sprayed or manually applied depending on the site conditions. Patch materials can be matched to suit parent substrate in terms of strength, strain compatibility and electrical resistivity to name but a few parameters.

Patching may also include advanced corrosion control techniques and applications such as Cathodic Protection systems including either impressed current or sacrificial anodes.


VSL are approved applicators of a leading range of crack injection solutions. Effectively all structures can be improved and or restored in terms of structural integrity, serviceability and or durability utilising a variety of bespoke products and application techniques. Advances in modern injection products means that they can be rigid, flexible or semi rigid to suit the application and or circumstances as required.

Crack injection and filling solutions can be used on all surface orientations such as horizontal, vertical, and overhead cracks, however, the choice of technique will vary depending upon orientation, crack size (width / depth), site conditions and type of product.  


Slab jacking is a cost effective method to correct and or elevate a settled concrete structure due to consolidation, defective subgrade or washout. A mix of a variety of materials / products and injection equipment are readily available, VSL provides a rapid return-to-service rehabilitation to these structures delivering immediate improvement for safety and savings through reduced wear on heavy plant and equipment.


VSL is a world leader in the development and application of high performance cementitious grouts in complex civil structures. We offer authorities certified systems and specialist equipment with skilled operators where certainty of outcome is mandated for key assets.  



VSL offers leading products, applications and techniques to strengthen and improve built assets. Innovative developments in materials and applications present many solutions for strengthening and durability enhancement through the use of Fibre reinforcement and modern epoxy resins used in collaboration with engineered products such as high tensile post tensioning systems. Whether it is improvement in structural performance, serviceability, durability or overall structural wellbeing, we can provide our clients with an integrated mix of cost effective solutions as an alternative to often costly and inconvenient demolition and rebuild options.


Bonded fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) is an increasingly specified application used to passively increase the structural integrity of as-built structures. FRP plates / laminates and rods are commonly used to increase the load carrying capacity of structural members in both flexural strength and or shear. FRP can be applied to any suitable surface including “near surface laminates” on bridge decks. VSL has also supplied and installed “pre-stressed” FRP in critical applications.


VSL's mono / multi-strand internal and or external systems including its stressbar systems are  engineered techniques  to proactively induce beneficial prestresses and corrective forces into structures, increasing structural capacity and restoring integrity. They carry Australia's highest certifications in terms of quality, performance and compliance. These systems provide reliable, cost effective strengthening measures for a variety of applications, industries and environments.

We proudly note that VSL Stressbar is the only post tensioning bar system mined, milled and made in Australia to satisfy Australia’s infrastructure authority’s specifications and working environment.


Infrastructure Protection is a specialist VSL focus which engineers, designs and constructs resilient protection solutions for critical infrastructure at risk of extreme events; such as  blast, projectile, impact, seismic and fire effects. With specialist knowledge in global construction, and access to leading-edge research and technologies, VSL Infrastructure Protection reliably delivers quality, innovative construction protection solutions to mitigate risks.



VSL offers a range of coating options for decorative to protective applications, all which have been tested through the most aggressive of environments and will guarantee safety and protection from all environments.


VSL provides a collection of protective surface coatings, which use various high grade epoxies, polyurethane cements and polyurethane protective coatings to suit the application and site requirements. Typical applications of resistant coatings can range from carbonation, salt or chemical resistance all the way through to highly protective coatings that resist blast and or fire. In addition, VSL offers the supply and application of a wide variety of silane, anti-carbonation and aesthetic surfaces coatings to protect and preserve structural longevity. 


Waterproofing is commonly used in buildings and structures that require protection from water ingress such as barges, wharfs, jetties and offshore facilities.

VSL's polyurethane liner is an integrated multi-layer liner solution for providing durable and resistant waterproofing of various structure asset types. As a single coat build up application, it saves time against traditional 3 coat epoxy systems while providing an instantly durable and long lasting surface finish.


Structural Wellbeing

VSL offer structural wellbeing monitoring services for assets during construction and or at any phase of its serviceability. This invaluable knowledge provides, designers, owners and asset managers with real time structural behaviour and performance information and records. Through this tool actual behaviour can be compared with that of theoretical over extended time periods and or after incidences (collision, settlements, and environmental changes). These changes or impacts  can be quantitatively assessed providing informed decisions leading to optimised maintenance and servicing regimes with demonstrated due diligence.

Remote monitoring provides 24/7 assessment in all environments including hazardous locations, safely, reliably and in a cost effective manner.   

VSL is a pre-certified member on the RMS’s Bridge Load Testing and Monitoring specialist subcontractor panel  


VSL offers a large range of structural wellbeing assessment tests. These include load, material testing (hammer tests, strength etc), structural durability (chlorides, carbonation, half- cell potential, cover and thermography).


Behavioural monitoring is one of the key tools of structural assessment. Comparison of changes in behaviour between theoretical and actual can be evaluated against design assumptions and or over time. Being able to definitively ascertain the severity of the condition and its rate of progress can then form the basis of a cost effective maintenance regime.

Monitoring can be carried out remotely integrating a wide range of condition sensors. Data can be recorded, reported, alarmed and displayed through a variety of media from smart phones to desks tops via 3&4G and wireless networks. VSL has data management, processing and reporting systems in place that can manage the thousands of sensors and data records from multiple structures simultaneously with an easy reporting and notification system.

Sensors can include any number of combinations, on single or multiple projects in remote or difficult to access locations. Typical sensors include: displacement, strain, vibration, seismic, inclinometers, crack width, corrosion, temperature, wind, humidity, water level / pore pressure, slope movement, thermography, “weigh-in-motion”, “impending collision”.


Geological structures are prone to movement. VSL has the pre-certification for the largest ground anchors in Australia.  Routine load monitoring is often essential for demonstrating their continued performance on critical structures such as dams and bridges. Monitoring of slope stability and pore water pressures are other aspects typically tested and monitored to determine the wellbeing of geological structures.


VSL has an outstanding international reputation for the controlled movement of heavy and or awkward objects including multipoint lifts such as required for the replacement of bearings.  Bridge maintenance often involves the re-setting and or replacement of bearings and joints. VSL has an enormous range of jacks, pumps and control systems for these operations.




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