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A reputation for Excellence

Since 1954, VSL has been at the cutting edge of Post-Tensioning engineering. Our expertise is showcased in some of the world’s most innovative and ambitious buildings and bridges. Our proprietary technologies are today being applied to new and demanding structures, such as offshore platforms, nuclear power plants, underground and submerged structures. We offer services including:

  • Multistrand Post tensioning: This is our most widely proven product, used in buildings and bridges of all kinds, both in Australia and throughout the world.
  • Slab post tensioning: Our post-tensioned slabs are a cutting edge product, applicable to industrial buildings and high-rise blocks in particular. (See the Slab on Gradesection for more information.)
  • External Post-Tensioning: External PT is ideal for strengthening existing structures, utilising external tendons which are easy to inspect or replace.

For decades, VSL has designed, manufactured and installed state of the art post-tensioning systems for both new and existing structures. This pedigree informs our commitment to quality and innovation, both today and into the future.