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VSL Intrafor, a foundation specialist

VSL Intrafor is a subsidiary of VSL that is solely dedicated to providing Ground Engineering solutions. As a specialised group within VSL International, Intrafor retains concentrated knowledge and expertise in relation to its field, and can also call on the wider resources of the extended VSL network to provide packaged solutions.

VSL Intrafor can offer a wide range of ground engineering services including:

  • Diaphragm Walling, Barrettes, and slurry walls
  • Specialised Piling
  • Jet Grouting
  • Specialised Grouting
  • Vibrocompaction and Stone Columns
  • Ground Anchors
  •  Directional drilling and Directional Coring
  • Ground Freezing
  • Micro Piling
  • Limited Access Ground Engineering Works
  • Site Investigation and Monitoring

These techniques are applicable to retaining structures, soil improvement, rock strengthening or as part of an environmental protection system. They are used in civil engineering or building projects such as metro stations, tunnels, roads and bridges, deep basements, car parks, high rise buildings and other structures.

Our works form the foundations for some of the most prestigious and complex structures in the world. From cutting edge skyscrapers to bridges and underground metro stations, VSL is your ground engineering specialist partner.


You can learn more about VSL Intrafor here.