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Cement Dispenser

Posted on August 30th, 2013

VSL Australia has recently added another 2 no. cement dispensers to its plant list. These units comprise a 2t silo with a 3.8m long screw conveyor that moves cement from the hopper bin into the mixer bowls of our grout mixers. The cement dispensers greatly improve productivity as well as mitigating health and safety issues typically associated with the manual handling of cement bags. These automated mini cement silos with screw conveyors and weigh batching facilities integrate with all of VSL’s grouting platforms from the traditional Swiss Twin Bowl units to our larger twin Colcrete stations with 1m3 agitator tanks.

A single cement dispenser, controlled and operated by one person is regularly turning over 15t of cement in a single 8hr shift. Cement is delivered to the grout mixer via a screw conveyor and dispatch “trunk”. A lid on the mixer bowl minimises airborne dust and means that the operator need not touch nor see cement in the process. Delivery output is adjustable (optimum is typically 120 kg/min or 7t/hr) and is deposited into the mixing bowl in a continuous fine stream that aids rapid mixing. The automated system is based on electronic load cells and PLC controller that counts down global weight with pre-set parameters including discharge rate and quantity.  The cement dispenser has a 10m remote control pendant enabling the operator to move around and or control whilst observing at the mixer.

Cement is delivered in plain 1t bulka bags (smooth bottom i.e. no shoot). The bag is lifted into the silo by forklift / telehandler / hiab - lorry crane / franna / site crane and or either a chain hoist option and A_Frame. The 2t silo allows sufficient time for the silo and hopper to be topped up with new bags without having to stop production. The silo is fitted with a “bag splitter”, which automatically opens the bags allowing the cement to free flow in to the silo. A rubber skirting in the top of the hopper helps to trap dust minimising dust for both the operators and those in the vicinity. An access platform allows easy access to remove / replace the lid during operation. 

Advantages of the cement dispensers include:

  • Grout mixing, pumping and testing is a one man operation.
  • No manual handling of cement – all mechanised
  • Grouting operation including testing can be overseen by a senior experienced operator where no physical exertion is required, which improves grout quality assurance.
  • Minimises waste of cement typically left in 20kg bags
  • Minimises waste of empty 20kg bags
  • Minimises dust