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VSL were involved in Repair and Strengthening works for The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


ZPE 1000 VSL multistrand jack,
developed at the end of the 1960’s for the lifting of the tent roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium.
This jack is still operational today on site and is shown
in VSL present systems brochures


Continuous training is the key to ensure the highest levels of competence and safety on our worksites.
Based in Bangkok, the VSL Academy trains best practices in post-tensioning techniques and other VSL technologies.

VSL, more than 50 years of experience

1954: Creation of the company Précontrainte SA in Lausanne by Losinger

The Swiss Builder saw the opportunity to use prestressing innovative solutions as a means to increase production capacity in the Swiss market.

1956: VSL (Vorspann System Losinger) wire-based system conception

The system turned into the solution of choice for many civil engineering projects throughout Switzerland.

1958: VSL Brand and logo trademark

They soon became recognised throughout the world.

1965: Diversification of its activities through innovation

VSL activities includes strand system, strands and anchorage, VSoL system, sliding formwork technique but also heavy lifting and slab prestressing solutions.

1966: VSL network development and creation of VSL AUSTRALIA

From a network based licensees to a more organisational structure made up of specialist companies, in an increasing number of countries. All VSL companies benefit from the exchange of expertise throughout the international network.

1988: A focus on research and development

VSL concentrates its efforts on the search for methods and technologies that will maintain its competitiveness and ensure its enduring market success such as stay cables solutions.
2003: VSL Australia became part of the VSL AsiaPac division
2008: Creation of VSL Academy in Thailand