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▲ A total of 18 piers were built to varying heights and stressed with looped strand tendons.

VSL Australia formed a sub-alliance with Thiess for the construction of three viaducts on the F11 Hunter Expressway. VSL has been using and innovative new formwork system as part of its work with the Hunter Expressway Alliance on construction of the expressway’s eastern section. The work involves building three viaduct bridges totaling 840m, 40m above ground over mine subsidence areas. This requires precasting of columns and bridge segments, erection and post-tensioning of columns and installation of permanent bearings.

A new innovative formwork system for precast concrete columns has been used together with a 165m-long launching gantry to erect the 75m spans. The Hunter Expressway Alliance has subcontracted VSL Australia to desin and supply approximately 12,360m2 of VSoL. On another section of the Hunter Expressway, Abigroup have engaged VSL Australia to design and supply over 12,000m2 of VSoL.

The gantry used for the Hunter Expressway project has been fully assembled and commissioned by VSL Australia. Load tests were carried out before the launch of the gantry out to the first pier, over a steep ravine approximately 35m deep. The balanced cantilever method chosen allows VSL to limit the number of piers required and the amount of land needed to be cleared, as well as mitigating mining subsidence issues.


Scope of works performed

  • Modification of the launching girder used on the Gateway Upgrade Projec
  • Design, set-up and operation of the precast moulds for the 564 segments