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VSL Australia is an integral member of the VSL Group, established in 50 countries in 5 continents.

VSL operates through 50 locations as a worldwide network which includes technical centres located in Switzerland and Singapore as well as two production facilities in Spain and China. The VSL Group has made major contributions to the advancement of civil engineering practice throughout the world. Internationally, VSL incorporates a depth of technical knowledge and construction experience that is unsurpassed within the prestressing industry. Access to this international experience enables VSL to undertake projects using highly specialised teams.

An example of this co-operation is the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane, where VSL International, in conjunction with the Gateway Bridge Company, conceived and designed the world record main span for this concrete cantilever bridge in 1986. The final design was prepared by VSL International with all materials and equipment manufactured and supplied by VSL Australia. In 2006, VSL Australia joined the alliance duplicating this bridge, with the works completed in 2010.

VSL Customers directly benefit from a continuing development of VSL special construction methods and from the exchange of information taking place within the VSL Network. This means that customers have local access to all the resources and expertise, including appropriate technical consultancy and support during planning and construction phases, provided by the VSL group.

To find more about VSL International, visit VSL Group Website: www.vsl.com